I’m lucky to have worked with so many amazing brands over the years.

I’ve had the privilege to support tremendous growth in small businesses.  You could say that growing businesses is my passion…and you’d be right.

Because of digital marketing campaigns I’ve managed for small business owners, I’ve consistently seen double- and triple-digital increases in traffic, leads, or sales.

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“Before we hired Claudia to help with our SEO, we had three other people try to do the same with no luck. We started thinking good SEO was an elusive goal, one based more on guesswork than strategy. Claudia was our last hope and she delivered! Claudia did an exhaustive review and refurbishment of our site’s SEO. Within two months, the results came and our traffic and site ranking are higher than ever. We couldn’t be happier. Not only does Claudia know what she’s talking about, she’s patient and engaged.” John Schneider, [Google traffic up 178% YOY]

“Before we started working with Claudia, our online store’s gross sales were under $5,000 and we had only a few affiliate programs in place. Growth was slow even though our blog posts and product guides are timely and relevant for parents concerned about the safety of the products they have in their homes; we got such wonderful feedback from our readers that it was frustrating that we weren’t more visible to a greater audience. Claudia completed an audit of our website and began to optimize right away; we were unaware of the technical challenges impacting our website and our search engine traffic. Within a few months, traffic and revenue increased significantly. We’ve grown so much that we’ve brought on additional team members and more than doubled our own salaries. Claudia has continued to grow our affiliate programs and handle our SEO, and we’ve continued to meet our ever-increasing revenue targets. We’ve also found Claudia to be reliable, positive, and always quick to jump in with any project–big or small–that needs attention. We’re thrilled with the progress we’ve made and look forward to many more successful years of working together!” – Maia James, [Google traffic up 157% YOY]

“Claudia has been great to work with. My search traffic is up 40% and my site is faster than ever. She’s professional and thorough. I know I can trust her to pay attention to the details.” – Philip Taylor, [Google traffic up 92% YOY]

Claudia’s passion for marketing, technical acumen, interpersonal skills, and team player mentality make her a valuable asset to any organization. I have worked closely with Claudia on many projects and she is an absolute joy to work with. Not only does she have the technical SEO background, she also possesses the innate ability to relate and communicate with internal teams and clients. I also appreciate Claudia’s positivity and “can-do” attitude, which helps to motivate and encourage everyone around. – Yenma Herb

Claudia is one of the most intelligent and data-driven professionals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her technical/analytical skills in reference to both her SEO & Paid Search talents place her at the pinnacle of proficiency. Claudia is not only able to perform at an elite level of the best, she is a proven leader in the ability to train, educate, and create additional frontrunners who can execute with efficiency as well. Claudia is passionate about teamwork, creativity, and attention to detail. There isn’t a person in the world I wouldn’t refer to Claudia for guidance and strategy with her level of expertise. – Justin Reed

Claudia is peerless both in her skills with Google Analytics and in her technical SEO knowledge. She is a highly skilled marketer who cares greatly about her clients and her team. While working with her, she has always been willing to help increase others’ knowledge and resolve issues. She makes strong efforts to improve her team’s ability to optimize client’s accounts and foster a community of sharing. She has always been an active leader and participant in our inter-team training sessions. Claudia is unbothered by pressure, and always produces top level work. Her technical skills have undoubtedly improved our company. – Bill Hartz