As a veteran digital marketer, I have experienced countless changes in the industry.

Search engine algorithm changes.

The rise and fall of social networks.

New content platforms.

What holds true is the notion that the only constant is change.  Inevitably, the industry will change.  Rapidly.

Keeping current with the latest trends and changes in digital marketing is what I do with an eye toward how such changes impact those small business owners I work with on a daily basis.

When I reflect on and write about industry trends and changes, I focus on that which could impact my clients, positively and negatively.  Helping others navigate this digital landscape by highlighting what they should pay attention to and what they should disregard is my singular focus.  I strive to make digital marketing easy to understand and actionable.


“9 Tips To Consider When Considering What To Sell Online”

When you offer customers the ability to place an order online, adherence to certain norms or standards is a necessity for the success of e-commerce deployment.

Think of e-commerce as a way of summarizing the promise you make to potential customers, the promise that you’ll adhere to customers’ unspoken expectations.

What kind of expectations accompany e-commerce? Continue reading on Industrial Distribution.

“5 Ways To Improve Your Website’s Contact Forms To Generate More Leads”

If you want to generate more leads, the best strategy you have at your disposal today is to remove barriers that keep potential customers from reaching you. Here are some tips you can use to improve your website today. Continue reading on Industrial Distribution.

“5 Ways You Can Improve Your Company’s ‘Careers’ Page To Fill Employment Vacancies”

If you’re like many manufacturers, you’re struggling to fill the employment vacancies you have right now. Continue reading on Industrial Maintenance & Plant Operation.

“5 Things You Need to do Before Your E-Commerce Site Goes Live”

You’re days away from launching a new or newly redesigned e-commerce site. Congratulations! Before you pop the cork on that champagne, use this list to start a conversation with your development partner to ensure you’re ready to launch. Continue reading on Industrial Distribution.

“Are You Prepared For When Your “Go-To” Employee Is Gone?”

We all have them, a go-to-person in our organization. You know the one. They have “been there” and “done that.” They know all the ins and outs and worked on the big projects, as well as the extraneous little ones and they know all the personalities involved and more importantly how to get things done! Continue reading on Industrial Distribution.

“A Future-Proof Way to Monetize Content in an Ad-Averse, Mobile-First World”

Interstitials and algorithm changes. Ad blockers. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs). Publishers have mountains to climb in trying to reach their audiences in this mobile-first world. Continue reading on MarketingProfs.

“What Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages Will Do to the Purchase Funnel”

Assuming the AMP project will expand its reach beyond news outlets, what is the potential impact of AMPs on the purchase funnel? Continue reading on MarketingProfs.

“How to Boost Your Website Traffic with an SEO Audit”

Since search engines are so important, savvy website owners give serious thought to on-site and off-site SEO factors. Continue reading on Sidepreneur Magazine.

Self-Published Content

“What Digital Content Creators Need to Know About SEO and Machine Learning”

Humans are largely predictable, exhibiting the same habits and patterns day in and day out. (See this article about the average day in the life of the average American in the United States.)  Machine learning is the antithesis of behavior change. Continue reading on my blog.


Interview with Sidepreneur Claudia Pennington

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