DIY Marketing

Revenue stagnating?

Lacking qualified leads?

Not sure how to drive topline growth in your business?

Enter DIY Marketing.

Digital Marketing & SEO for Manufacturers, Distributors, and Machine Shops

The bottom line is…you need a marketing plan to find qualified leads ready and willing to invest in your products and services.

Digital marketing is the most effective strategy for finding qualified leads.

Here’s the problem with SEO and digital marketing.  Marketing firms charge upwards of $300 per hour for SEO.  Most small businesses can’t (or don’t) want to pay these crazy high fees.  What’s a small business to do?

Our online training courses + coaching package combines consulting and training to help you plan for, launch, and manage your own digital marketing campaign.  Our online courses teach you and your sales team the fundamentals of digital marketing and SEO and how to use these strategies to increase website traffic.  No fluff.  Only actionable content designed to quickly train anyone new to digital marketing and SEO.

In addition to our training + coaching packages, we’re also a full-service agency ready to provide you with the assets you need to market your business online.