DIY Marketing

Revenue stagnating?

Looking to reach more donors? customers? clients?

Enter DIY Marketing.

Do-It-Yourself Marketing

The bottom line is…you need a marketing plan to find qualified leads ready and willing to invest in your organization, your products, or your services.

Here’s the problem with marketing.  Marketing firms charge upwards of $300 per hour.  Most organizations can’t (or don’t) want to pay these crazy high fees.  What’s the alternative?

Our online training courses + coaching package combines consulting and training to help you plan for, launch, and manage your own marketing campaign.  Our online courses teach you and your employees the fundamentals of marketing & search engine optimization and how to use these strategies to increase website traffic.  No fluff.  Only actionable content designed to quickly train anyone comfortable with a computer.

In addition to our training + coaching packages, we can also provide you with the assets you need to market your organization online, like a new website or video.

Contact Claudia Pennington, CEO, of DIY Marketing to schedule a complimentary marketing strategy call…(717) 693-7074.