Digital Marketing & SEO Training Courses for Bloggers & Podcasters

If you’ve been blogging podcasting for at least a year and you haven’t seen the results you were hoping for, there are a TON of improvements you can make to your website and new opportunities to drive traffic.

Capitalize on free traffic from search engines by learning digital marketing and SEO.  Start with our free tips to learn more about how to increase website traffic and revenue.

Digital Marketing & SEO Training Courses for Freelancers & Side Hustlers

Too many people I know work in jobs that are unfulfilling or jobs that don’t pay well.

Too many friends and relatives end their work days exhausted, eager to rush out the door to the comfort of home.

What I do as a digital marketing consultant is help small businesses achieve success and it is truly fulfilling work!

If you don’t have fulfilling work in your life, explore the online training courses via the free email course.  You might just find freelancing to be fulfilling.

If you’re already doing freelance work you love and you want to add additional services to your business, consider our training courses.

Digital Marketing & SEO for Manufacturers & Machine Shops

The bottom line is…you need digital marketing to sell your products or services.

Here’s the problem with SEO and digital marketing.  Marketing firms charge upwards of $300 per hour for SEO.  Most small businesses can’t (or don’t) want to pay these crazy high fees.  What’s a small business to do?

Our online training courses + coaching package combines consulting and training to help you plan for, launch, and manage your own digital marketing campaign.  Our online courses teach you and your team the fundamentals of digital marketing and SEO and how to use these strategies to increase website traffic.  No fluff.  Only actionable content designed to quickly train anyone new to digital marketing and SEO.

Find out more about digital marketing training + coaching.